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What is Clikdelivery?


ClikDelivery is an Online Advertising Platform with Revenue Sharing option.



We are here to help online marketers, entrepreneurs, local business owners, and everyone looking for new traffic sources, to promote their products and services to a real targeted audience.



Actually, our first and main goal is to provide you with High Quality advertising services that will help you reach an engaged audience especially in the "make money/e-marketing" niche.



You are invited to explore all of our advertising packages to find out which ad service is the most suitable for your advertising campaigns.


We recommend you to make use of our diversified advertising services like banner ads, login ads, directory ads, ppc banners with geo-targeting, adpacks...etc, to find out which one is working the best for the products and/or services you are promoting.


We also recommend you to design different banners, landing pages, squeeze pages, sales letters, split tests, and combine them with our advertising solutions. It will give you an overall idea on what is working and what is not.

In addition to offering outstanding ad services, we are proud to be a successful business opportunity as we help people to make money online via our profitable business model called "Revenue Sharing".



Actually, Revenue Sharing allows members to share Clikdelivery's revenues from advertising sales distributed every hour with different Returns on Investment (ROI). (You can refer to the Payplan for more details).



We strongly believe that our well established payplan allows us to maintain our program sustainability and therefore make it very longterm and profitable for all of our loyal members for years to come! We wish you an outstanding advertising experience with Clikdelivery!

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